Precision engineering solutions for the aerospace, defence and IGT markets

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Centrax Turbine Components Ltd offers precision engineering solutions for the manufacture of specialised engine assembly components for the aerospace, defence and IGT markets

Undertaking prime manufacture and project management as well as supply chain sub contract activities to both Original Engine Manufacturers (OEM’s) and Risk & Revenue Sharing Partners (RRSP’s); Centrax are able to provide mass, batch and job manufacture together with innovative solution capability development.

Centrax TCL have developed unique, state of the art, machining techniques utilising CNC machining technologies alongside robust, lean, production management methods to provide world leading engineering and manufacturing solutions.

A compelling advantage is offered to customers through Centrax’s in-house machine tool and cutter grinder development. Coupling in-house knowledge and expertise with the latest innovations of the market allows for superior, and optimised, production methods and bespoke processes to meet the competitive requirements of mass manufacture within a globalised industry.

Centrax’s core competency is in the mass manufacture of turbine and compressor components. Within this circa one million Compressor components and one hundred and fifty thousand Turbine components can be produced every year. Centrax are able to achieve significant production output through an organisation focused on Quality, Cost & Delivery. 

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